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Laughing with Spanish comedies is the best medicine…

clown boy

A quick test to finding out if you have acquired a language or not is this…

Do you dream in that language?

Do you get jokes in that language?

If the answer is yes to both you can rest assured… you have!

This week we will give you an opportunity to practice those comedy listening skills. They are from all over the place, different countries so that you adapt to the different accents and humor, different sources as well… from mainstream media to the very creative efforts of bloggers and YouTube filmmakers that are benefiting us all with fun and exciting choices. Here is a sample of different Spanish comedies for each of the age groups, from young ones, to teens and adults.



10. Pero Like – You will get funny videos and tweets from Pero Like regarding Spanish humor and growing up Hispanic. They have different nationalities represented. The Cuban abuela character is hilarious.


9. Topo Gigio – This is for young children but I still think he is cute! Many generations grew up with this Spanish “Mickey Mouse” that originates from Italy. First appearing in 1959. He likes to say that he is “un ratoncito pacífico” and he prays to San Peppino at night.


8. Extra – Teacher Discovery produced a short telenovela for beginning Spanish students that is like watching an episode of Friends. It is about a young man named Sam who visits Barcelona to learn how to speak Spanish. As you follow along the plot you will immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture.


7. El Chavo del 8 – It may sound odd but this is a comedia about the trials and tribulations of an orphan child, the creation of Roberto Gomez Bolaños “Chespirito,” from the 70’s. Famous phrases such as “Pero no te enojes…” ,”fue sin querer queriendo..” , “eso..eso…eso…!”


6. Dairon – I don’t know how he does it but he does… Dairon Vasquez portrays different members of a Cuban family and is very talented actually in impersonating other accents, Russian, Chinese, etc. Great comedian that will keep you entertained with his YouTube videos.


5. Tres Patines  – Leopoldo Fernandez is a classic Cuban comedian known as José Candelario Tres Patines or Pototo. He is almost always in trouble at “La Tremenda Corte.”  I remember repeating as a child like a parrot…”¡Que cosa mas grande en la vida chico!”


4. Alvarez Guedez – A Cuban-born star, he talked about the Cuban exile experience of South Florida and was famous for his chistes calientes and “ño!” He had a hilarious radio program “Aquí está Alvarez Guedes” on 92.3 FM for 15 years in Miami.



3. Enchufe TV – This is a very successful YouTube comedy web series that was started in 2011 by Ecuadorian filmmakers in Quito. They use a lot of ironic humor regarding every day modern experiences but most sketches do contain profanity, are adult themed and not meant for too young of an audience.


2. Cantinflas – Mario Moreno was a Mexican comic film actor. He has been referred to as the “Charlie Chaplin of Mexico.” His words have been examined and talked about by philosophers, linguists and media critics. At one point his popularity was seen as a threat to the politicians in Mexico.


1. ¿Qué Pasa USA? – America’s first and only Spanish-English situation comedy… and it ran from 1977 – 1980. Produced by PBS, depicted the Cuban culture in Miami at that time period pretty accurately. It’s really worth watching all over again.

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