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From here to La Luna and back…! Vamos a ver la luna… (English version)

¿Vas a ir a ver la luna esta noche? ¡¡Claro que sí!! Are you going out to see the moon tonight? Of course you are! That was the talk earlier this week…This same sized moon was not to be around for another eighteen years… I would have wanted to see and capture this image… believe me…I had los emparedados todos listos to go along with some muffins and salad… ready for el picnic en la playa… However, with overcast skies that was not meant to be for us. So I ripped this image off of a friend’s site…keeping this blog on hand to explain to my offspring to be on the lookout on 2034 for the next one!

Why so much fuss over the moon. Well, la luna of course produces a gravitational pull on the earth that causes the water to rise and fall in what we call tides or las mareas not to be confused with the verb se marea which means you get dizzy. The moon’s gravitational pull also causes the rotation of the earth to slow down and have longer days. Without this, well, we would have shorter days that would make the earth’s temperature a lot lower, as the sun would not have the opportunity to warm up the earth in just the right temperature. This would in turn reduce la madre tierra’s ability to produce our much needed food to survive. Ahá maybe that is where we get the famous luna luna dame pan que tus hijos no me dan refrán!! If you are not familiar with here to hear that TeachThemSpanish’s podcast. I finally cracked that nursery rhyme code!

And… la luna affects our mood doesn’t it? Might even make the kids a little more than a handful for a day or two. ( I remember a day, as a high school teacher, when there was a full moon, it was a Friday and the 13th… oh and they happen to have scheduled a pep rally to boot…as teachers we knew we didn’t stand a chance for having a normal day… if you are a student…  go easy on your teacher on those full moon days!)

I’ve heard some people say they get grumpy or loco/loca or can’t sleep on nights when the moon is full. Very likely, with such an influence on the earth… how can it not affect our bodies and emotions if we are composed of 97% water.

Well there is a wonderful book that I invite you to look at with your child as it is written in Spanish called La Luna y Los Niños.


This book covers cultural, ancestral and scientific information that will help us talk with our kids about their growing bodies, sexuality and love in a context that honors our values. Tween and teenage girls, especially, should be aware of the effect the moon has on their bodies. A sincere and open approach should always accompany this kind of talk. La Luna y los Niños will help you talk about how the moon affects our bodies, our emotions and our spirit. You may find it here  Or e-mail the author directly at

Now, if you missed la Super Luna… oh well… guess what it’s just a little more than 13% much bigger than your usual full moon or luna llena. And, guess what that full moon that comes around, comes around every single month. So turn off the TV or electronic screen… and take a look at that monthly moon rise with your child. If you need some inspiration, bring along this music, which is all inspired by that preciosa luna. Enjoy… ¡¡Disfrútala!!

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata


REM  – Man on the moon

Ana Gabriel – Luna


Audrey Hepburn – Moonriver

Los Panchos – Luna lunera


Gypsy Kings – Toro enamorado de la luna


Elvis Presley – Blue Moon of Kentucky


Van Morrison – Moondance


Bacilos – Caraluna


Claude Debussy – Claire de Lune

Carlos Vives – Luna Nueva

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